About Us


Director of the institution: Vladimir Hajder,
from Kanjiza, University of Law Graduate

Social worker: Dusan Pualic

Main nurse: Fizesi Eva

Physician: Dr Ceh Sandor


The founder of the institution is the Executive Council of Autonomous Region of Vojvodina, in accordance with the Decision of the Executive Council of Autonomous Region of Vojvodina to overtake the rights and obligations of the founder over the institutions of social protection no. 022/00002/2002-14 dated April 17th, 2002.


The activity of the institution is defined by the Social Protection and Security Act (The Official Journal of the Republic of Serbia no. 36/91, 79/91, 33/93, 53/93, 67/94, 48/94, 52/96, 29/01, 84/04, 115/05) in the sense of providing lodging and care for adult and elderly people who are of sound mental health. The institution provides care for independent, semi-dependent and dependent beneficiaries.


Capacity of the institution is 80 beds, 37 of which are intended for independent beneficiaries and the rest for semi-dependent and dependent beneficiaries. It is important to point out that the institution provides for people of sound mental health. In the previous period the institution worked mostly with the filled capacities.

  • 21 double rooms
  • 9 triple rooms, four of which are in the facility for accommodation of refugees
  • 5 four-bed-rooms, one of which is in the stationary, two are in the facility for accommodation of refugees
  • 3 five-bed-rooms located in the stationary, where dependent beneficiaries are accommodated

Multi-bed-rooms are intended for accommodation of patients with little or no mobility, and are in accordance with all norms and standards valid for this category of care.
Nurses care about the patients during 24 hours. The institution has its physician who looks after the medical condition of the beneficiaries. Social worker also works in the institution. The institution has its own kitchen with its staff and supporting technical staff responsible for cleaning, supplies, financing etc.

Number and structure of employees

The Decision of the Ministry of work, employment and social policy no. 560-01-1062/2008-09 determines the number of people employed in providing social services and number of employees whose salaries are financed from the accommodation costs, according to the provisions of the Regulations on conditions for initiation and activity, norms and standards for activity in field of social protection for accommodation of retired and other elderly people. In order to provide better services for the beneficiaries the number of employees in all Departments of the institution is increased.