The tradition of caring for the elderly on the territory of Municipality of Kanjiza dates back over a century. An institution that provides care for the elderly is first mentioned in the monograph about Kanjiza written by Apel Ede and published in 1886. In Kanjiza, beside the Care Home for the elderly, its activity has been done for more than a decade by the Orphan Care Home.

In the National Monograph published in 1909, Borovszky Samu PhD also mentioned the existence of the Care Homes in the part about districts and towns of Hungary regarding the district of Bac Bodrog saying: “in 1900 [they] built a municipal care home for the poor that was connected to the orphanage and the care home for the elderly under the patronage of the monk order named after the Saviour.”

The Homes for elderly and orphans continued to provide care without interruptions in continuity until 1957 and during the Second World War. The new initiative to found a Care Home for the elderly was initiated by the Social Services Centre Kanjiza based on the perceived need for the care home in the area in the period of 1988/89.

As a result of those efforts the home ward for elderly and retired people was founded as a part of the Social Services Centre Kanjiza and it opened on May 15th, 1990. At the time, Mr. Žarko Hajder was in charge of the institution.

The initial capacity was 32 beds. Having taken into consideration the pronounced requirements for accommodation of beneficiaries, the institution increased its capacity by adding 30 beds. After having expanded its capacity in 1998, Care Home in Kanjiza was founded as a separate entity according to the Government Act of the Republic of Serbia /The Official Journal RS no.21/98/.

Today the Care Home Kanjiza does its activity on several locations. The capacity of the institution is accommodation of 80 people.